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Who Lives ThereYou’ve just moved in your new house and on your street you’ve noticed a very modern, interesting and grandiose house and you immediately want to find out who lives there. Well, not only to find out who lives there, but also what else can one know about the people living there and the house itself. There are various ways you can find out who lives there in that house, and I’ll be exploring these options with you as they are quite exciting. Of course, you can always go ahead and knock on the door and ask who lives there. But that I’d find a bit anticlimactic and boring, and even at times embarrassing. I mean you don’t even know the folks and you don’t know how they are going to take it.

So once we scratch this option from our list, let’s go on to the next one: asking other neighbors about who lives there in that imposing house. This might go later on if you’ve made friends on the street, but don’t forget, you’re pretty new there yourself. And again, what detective work does that show if you merely ask one neighbor about the other? It’s a boring option, really. So are there any other ways to find out who lives there or not? Yes, as a matter of fact, there are.

You can always hire a private investigator to find out this information. But honestly, I think this is overkill and here is why. The info you need is very basic, it’s not like you want to find out everything there is to know about the person who lives there, his past, present, any crimes he’s committed, and so on. All you want to know is who lives there, as the curiosity gets the better of you.

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Plus the private investigator will charge you so much that by the time you’re through paying, you won’t want to know anything about the person who lives there any longer. So that’s a bad idea as well. But if you have money and want to find out the dirty laundry on the family who lives there, hiring a private detective is not such a bad idea.

There is a better way though and it doesn’t involve asking your neighbors or hiring an expensive agent to find out who lives there. All you need is access to the internet and a small chunk of money, never more than $50, often times less than that, around $20 or so. What you do is go to Google.com and search for reverse address directories. This is how these websites are called, as they offer you this information fast, very cheap and very accurately as well. Once you found a good source of information, type in the address (many times you don’t even need the full address, the street, zip code and city is enough) and press the Send or Submit button. By the time you are back from making your coffee, you will have the information on who lives there right there, in front of you, on the screen. All it took you is a few words entered in the search engine and a cup of coffee. Now how neat is that?

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